NFB Film Club

The NFB Film Club gives public libraries the opportunity to offer their patrons free screenings of films from the NFB’s collection. In each Film Club program, you’ll find films for both adults and children: new releases , award-winning animation, and a few timeless classics as well.

Joining the NFB Film Club is free. View the current NFB Film Club programs here:




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How do I organize a virtual or in-person screening for my library patrons?

STEP 1. Choose the film(s) that you would like to show from the list of titles that appear on the NFB Film Club in-person screening (PDF) or virtual screening (PDF) programs.

STEP 2. Send your selections by e-mail to Florence François ( and include the date, time and location of the screening, as well as the film format required for your venue. We can supply an electronic file (.mp4 or .mov) or ship a physical copy (projection-quality DVD or Blu-ray) for screenings in your library. For virtual screenings, we can provide a hyperlink.

STEP 3. Prior to your event, use your screening equipment to test the film format delivered to you (digitally or by mail).

Seasonal Programs

This season, the NFB Filmclub offers the following programs:




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