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Vancouver Public Library – Daajing Giids
138 Bay St, Daajing Giids , British Columbia, V0T 1S0

As part of THE NFB IN LIBRARIES, the Daajing Giids branch of the Vancouver Island Regional Library is offering a free screening of the following documentary :

Undertaker for Life! (Georges Hannan | 2022 | 52 min)

Despite the somewhat frightening name of their occupation, undertakers are actually charming philosophers and keen observers of life. We only see their sombre side, but away from the funeral rites and on camera, they turn out to be amazingly insightful. Their love of life and the living, their dark humour and comforting wisdom are the best remedies against existential despair.

Special guest: the screening will be followed by a talk from Matt Pierce, Community Undertaker of Daajing Giids.


Visit the organiser’s website for more info:



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