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National Park of Kouchibouguac
National 186, NB-117, Kouchibouguac, New Brunswick, E4X 1V2

Free public screening of the following films as part of the open-air cinema evenings at the National Park of Kouchibouguac:

TSITASHUN (Number) | James Picard  | 2009 | 3 min | Original French version with English subtitles

In Betsiamites, everyone uses French instead of Innu for numbers. A charming film that will help you see why!

NAISSANCE D’UNE FAMILLE (Birth of a Family) | Tasha Hubbard  | 2017 | 78 min | Original French version 

In this deeply moving feature-length documentary, three sisters and a brother meet for the first time. Removed from their young Dene mother during the infamous Sixties Scoop, they were separated as infants and adopted into families across North America.

Betty Ann, Esther, Rosalie, and Ben were only four of the 20,000 Indigenous Canadian children taken from their families between 1955 and 1985, to be either adopted into white families or live in foster care. As the four siblings piece together their shared history, their connection deepens, and their family begins to take shape.


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