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Old Hastings Mill Store Museum
1575 Alma Street, Vancouver, BC, V6R 3P3

As part of its Movies at The Mill screening series, The Old Hastings Mill Store Museum will host a screening of a NFB film Front Lines – Nurses At The Front in honour of Red Cross Month and Women’s History Month.

Front Lines – Nurses at the Front (2008) 

This short documentary made in 2008 looks at the role of nurses and health workers during wartime. Long days, brutal injuries and both sad and triumphant outcomes are part of their reality. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 2008, 90 years will have passed since the signing of the Armistice ending the Great War in Europe. More than 600,000 men and women crossed the Atlantic with the Canadian Expeditionary Force, and more than 60,000 of them never returned. Front Lines features veterans’ letters to their families and images from the NFB archives, the Canadian War Museum and Library and Archives Canada.

Find more information on the organizer’s website here.

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