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Old Hastings Mill Store Museum
1575 Alma Street, Vancouver, BC, V6R 3P3

As part of its programming to commemorate Earth Day, the Old Mill Store Museum will be showing the following films on April 26:

The Grasslands Project  – After The Fire (Scott Parker | 2016 | 9 mins)

This short documentary from The Grasslands Project shows how small rural communities rely on volunteer firefighters to handle most emergencies. While the Eastend Fire Department responds to its share of barn and grass fires, they are only a call away from tragedy.  Rural first responders are usually first on the scene of grisly farm and motor vehicle accidents, and in a small community the victims are often friends and family. The toll it takes on these volunteers creates its own tragedy.

Small Smoke At Blaze Creek  (Michael Scott | 1971 | 9 mins)

Forest fire in mountainous British Columbia, as experienced by the men who must try to quench it from the air and at close quarters on the ground. Over half of fire outbreaks occur through carelessness, and this film affords a close, vivid view of the result: a whole mountainside turned into a searing, crackling holocaust until nothing remains but gray, desolate waste–mute reproach to all who travel or work in the forests.

For more information, visit the organizer’s website here.

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