Community Screenings


Would you like to show an NFB film to a group of people in your community within Canada?
We can help!

How do I organize a community screening in Canada?

Find a venue or choose a virtual platform –  Will your screening be virtual or in-person? If it will be in-person, where do you want to show the film? Unless you have your own public space, we suggest that groups approach public libraries, school auditoriums, lecture halls, church facilities, and community centres as host venues. These spaces can often be made available “free of charge” if the venue can be an event “sponsor.” You should find out if they have projection equipment — a projector, laptop or DVD player, and some type of screen and speaker system is usually all you need to show one of our films. If you would like to have a virtual screening, you will need to decide on the platform best suited for your audience.

Plan your publicity strategy – How will people find out about the screening? Will you create a Facebook page? Print postcards or put up posters? Phone people? E-mail them? Getting people out to an event is a big job, so you need to have a plan.

Contact the NFB to request your screening – We need to know the details of your screening in order to provide you with the film (or films) for your event. Contact us at to book your screening or for help in finding the right film or planning a program.

Track your screening’s attendance numbers  – Please make note of the number of people who attend each in-person or virtual screening. This assists us in recognizing the outreach of NFB films. You may estimate the number of attendees if you can’t give us an exact figure.

What will the NFB do?

We send you the film: usually either a downloadable digital file or streaming link (which we e-mail to you), or a physical DVD or Blu-ray (which we ship to you). For many of our recent titles, we can also send you the Electronic Press Kit, which contains the film synopsis, biography of the filmmaker, downloadable images, background information on the film, and a poster file that you can use for online promotion or print yourself. We can also promote your screening on our Events page, which you may link to from your website or social media pages.

Can I have a virtual screening?

Yes! Many groups have been hosting virtual screening events using web-based platforms in order to stay connected and engaged within their communities. For more information about organizing a virtual screening, e-mail us at


Have questions?

Contact us at: for screenings within Canada, for screenings outside of Canada, or see answers to our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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