JavaScript Disabled | 2:00 PM CDT
Millennium Library (Winnipeg Public Library main branch)
251 Donald Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 3P5

As part of THE NFB IN LIBRARIES programming, the Winnipeg Public Library – Millennium Library will present the following film:

WaaPake (Dr Jules Arita Koostachin|2023 | 80 min) Dr. Jules Arita Koostachin’s deeply personal documentary WaaPaKe (Tomorrow) asks the difficult question: “Who are we without our pain?”

In her efforts to help the children of Survivors, including herself and her family, Koostachin makes the difficult decision to step in front of the camera and participate in the circle of truth. She is joined in this courageous act of solidarity by members of her immediate family, as well as an array of voices from Indigenous communities across Turtle Island. Moving beyond burying intergenerational trauma, WaaPaKe (Tomorrow) is an invitation to unravel the tangled threads of silence and unite in collective freedom and power.


To have more information, consult the library’s website.

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