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Ottawa Public Library – Elmvale Acres
1910 St-Laurent, Ottawa, ON, K1G 1A4

As part of THE NFB IN LIBRARIES, the Elmvale Acres branch of the Ottawa Public Library is offering a free screening of the following film:

Unspoken Tears (Trauma Through Words) | Hélène Magny | 2022 | 1 h 15 

How can refugee children integrate into Quebec’s school system, given the unspeakable violence they’ve experienced? Following a psychologist specializing in conflict-related trauma, Unspoken Tears pays tribute to the admirable resilience and survival strategies of these “small adults,” whose spirit the bombs and camps have not completely crushed, at a time when it is vital to raise awareness in Western societies of migration-related issues and children’s rights.


Find more information on the library’s website here.

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