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Moncton Public Library
644 Main Street, suite 101, Moncton, New Brunswick, E1C 1E2

As part of THE NFB IN LIBRARIES, the Moncton Public Library is offering a free screening of the following film:

Things Arab Men Say (Nisreen Baker | 2016 | 52 min)

Worldwide, Arab men are depicted by the mainstream media as terrorists, suicide bombers, or at best, extremists. In Things Arab Men Say, Egyptian-born filmmaker Nisreen Baker paints a very different picture.

Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, this engaging documentary introduces us to Jay, Ghassan, Faisal, Adnan, Falah, Bashar and Ramey as they spend an afternoon at Jamal’s Eden Barber Shop discussing work, family, politics, and religion while getting a haircut and a shave. Through their conversation, we begin to understand the challenges these men face and the delicate balance between integrating into Canadian life and preserving one’s identity and culture.

Although located in St. Albert, an Edmonton suburb, Jamal’s Barber Shop could be anywhere, with this small group serving as a microcosm of the Arab community. As they each await their turn in the chair, the men continue to debate the issues, revealing differing personalities and often-surprising views. And once you hear what they have to say, you’ll never succumb to the mainstream message again.


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