JavaScript Disabled | 6:30 PM MDT
Roxy Theatre
320 20th St W., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7M 0X2

SEIU-West invites you to a free screening of:

Stolen Time (Helene Klodawsky | 2023 | 1 hr 25 min)

A compelling call for justice, Stolen Time follows charismatic elder rights lawyer Melissa Miller as she takes on the corporate for-profit nursing-home industry—an industry notorious for its lack of transparency and accountability. Her adversaries stand accused of neglecting their vulnerable charges as they reap huge profits. As the legal battle unfolds, we witness surprising testimonies and images from families, researchers, advocates and, most notably, frontline caregivers whose work is often undervalued but disproportionately blamed for what goes wrong. The film is a rare inside look at a legal battle and an emerging elder justice movement with ramifications —and inspiration—for us all.

“…a powerful film that really delivers a punch!” – Mike Cohen, The Suburban

“…exposes brutal corporate crime in the long-term care industry. The NFB’s chilling documentary reminds us that a society is measured by the compassion it extends to its most vulnerable.” – Adrian Mack, Stir


There is no cost to attend, but feel free to register in advance at

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