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Burk’s Falls, Armour & Ryerson Union Public Library
39 Copeland St, Burk's Falls, Ontario, P0A 1C0

Free screening as part of the Rendez-vous de la francophonie 2024 programming:

Program 1: Head in the Stars (14+) 

The documentary series Étoile du Nord (North Star) follows the inspiring journey of Laurie Rousseau-Nepton, resident astronomer at the renowned Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. As head of the SIGNALS project, she leads a team of some 60 scientists. Together, they study the formation of stars to better understand their influence on the universe.  

Directed by Patrick Bossé, the series portrays the extraordinary daily life of this Quebec-born scientist with Innu roots. From the summit of the volcano Mauna Kea, Laurie uses cutting-edge instruments to make the sky reveal its secrets. The five short episodes, which blend Rousseau-Nepton’s personal story with scientific explanations, reveal a determined young woman who shines in a traditionally male-dominated profession. An outstanding science popularizer, Laurie conveys her passion for celestial objects and the importance of knowing where we came from to understand where we’re going.  

Étoile du Nord (North Star) | Patrick Bossé | 2023 | 5 × 15 min | voiceover in English 

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