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Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinema 9
88 W Pender St., Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 6N9

Lay Down Your Heart  at VIFF:  Vancouver  International Film Festival 2022!


Lay Down Your Heart  | Marie Clements | 2022 | 70 min 

An accomplished artist, a lifelong performer and a person with Down Syndrome, Niall McNeil has built a unique family tree of blood and chosen relations made up of his closest friends and collaborators. In Lay Down Your Heart, Niall introduces his “family members,” his multiple “children” (some twice his age!), his renowned “ex-wife” and director of the film Marie Clements, and more. Bonded together by shared creative passion and their relationships with Niall, his family includes some of Canada’s most outstanding theatrical and artistic talent. By exploring his unconventional family histories—sometimes factual, sometimes infused with fantasy, but always deeply felt—Niall’s limitless imagination drives him toward the heart of human connection.


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