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MacLaren Art Centre
37 Mulcaster St, Barrie, Ontario, L4M 3M2
Program approximate duration: 18 minutes
Sheldon Cohen
200210 min

In this animated short by Sheldon Cohen, young May wants a dog more than anything else in the world. She thinks about dogs all the time; she talks about them, reads about them and covers the walls of her bedroom with dog pictures. But every time she asks her parents for a puppy, they tell her to wait till she’s older. But sticking to her motto of “If at first you don’t succeed, try again,” May comes up with an ingenious idea to change her parents’ minds. Based on the book by Dayal Kaur Khalsa.

Robert Doucet
1984 | 8 min

This short animation based on a popular children’s story by Robert Munsch tells the story of a young boy with a major problem: his apartment has become a subway station but his mother doesn’t believe him and blames him for the commuters’ mess. Jonathan takes his problem to City Hall and gets his first look at what bureaucratic bungling is all about.


Hosted by Winterfest 2020 at the MacLaren Art Centre. For more info, click here.
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