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MUTEK and OBORO are excited to team up to present the virtual and augmented reality exhibition “Living the Virtual” as part of the Digital Detox initiative. Presented at OBORO’s New Media Lab, the six selected works explore the theme of digital detox, our relationship to the natural world, and the impacts of digital technologies on our lives.

Thursday October 21, 2021, from noon to 7 pm
Friday, October 22, 2021, from noon to 5 pm
Saturday, October 23, 2021, from noon to 5 pm

List of works:
> Stéphanie Morissette, Méandres, VR, 2020
> Shonee Arroyo-Kreimes, Field Of Reeds (prototype), AR, 2021
> Frances Adair Mckenzie, The Orchid and The Bee, VR, 2020
> Aaron Bradbury, NSC Creative, Atlas V, Fragments, AR, 2020
> Olivia Mc Gilchrist, MYRa, a gift for Rym, VR, 2020
> Ida Toninato and Claude Bastien (TREBUCHET), Listening to the Walls, VR, 2021


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