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Dauphin Public Library
504 Main St N , Dauphin, Manitoba , R7N 1C9

As part of THE NFB IN LIBRARIES, the Dauphin Public Library is offering free screening of the following film, in commemoration of Remembrance Day and Veterans’ Week:

Front Lines (Claude Guilmain | 2008 | 33 min)

A tribute to the combatants in the First World War, this film traces the conflict through the war diary and private letters of five Canadian soldiers and a nurse. Hearing them, the listener detects between the lines an unspoken horror censored by war and propriety.

The film mingles war footage, historical photos and readings of excerpts from the diary and letters. The directorial talent of Claude Guilmain breathes life into these 90-year-old documents and accompanying archival images so that we experience the human face and heart of the conflict.


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