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Royal Botanical Gardens – David Braley and Nancy Gordon Rock Garden
1185 York Boulevard, Hamilton, Ontario, L0R 2H9
Screening is free, with paid admission to the Royal Botanical Gardens


John Hopkins
2016 | 53 min

Bluefin is a tale set in “the tuna capital of the world,” North Lake, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Director John Hopkins explores the mystery of why normally wary bluefin tuna no longer fear humans. These relentlessly hunted and “endangered” giant, some exceeding one thousand pounds, are now swarming fishing boats in great numbers after a long disappearance from overfishing decades earlier. Precariously like pets, these tuna have taken to eating right out of fishermen’s hands. One thing is certain, this sudden and mysterious abundance of tuna in Canadian waters frustratingly for fishermen flies in the face of scientific assessments stocks are critically down by 90 percent. An inevitable clash of perceptions about what is happening in North Lake ensues. With breathtaking cinematography, Bluefin documents an extraordinary and persecuted ocean animal caught between the addictive thrill of the hunt and our fear of their extinction.

Island Green

Millefiore Clarkes
2013 | 25 min

This short documentary takes a look at the changing face of PEI’s agricultural industry. Once famous for its spuds and red mud, this tiny island province now has higher than average cancer and respiratory illness rates. Is there a link to industrialized farming? Rather than dwelling on PEI’s worrisome monocropping practices, Island Green dares to ask: What if PEI went entirely organic?


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