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St. Thomas Public Library
153 Curtis Street, St. Thomas, Ontario, N5P 3Z7

As part of THE NFB IN LIBRARIES, the St. Thomas Public Library is offering a free screening of the following film:

Arab Women Say What?! (Nisreen Baker 2023 | 82 min) embodies the essence of living between two worlds: speaking and dreaming in different languages and lands.

Nermeen, a young and bold Egyptian Canadian, invites us to join her circle of friends, a group of eight outspoken, daring Arab women who found each other through their shared love of laughter, food and life. The women examine feminism in Arab society, tackling challenging and often taboo sociopolitical issues. Their conversations offer a glimpse into their personalities, revealing their unique perspectives and experiences while providing a complex understanding of what it means to “not be from here.” Arab Women Say What?! is a testament to the resilience of these women, who we may have met before but perhaps never had the chance to truly connect with.

For more info, please contact the organiser : 

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