JavaScript Disabled | 2:00 PM EST
Burlington Public Library – Brant Hills
2255 Brant St, Burlington, Ontario, L7P 5C8

And We Knew How to Dance: Women in World War IMaureen Judge | 1994 | 55 min

This feature documentary profiles 12 Canadian women who entered the male-dominated world of munitions factories and farm labour during World War I. In 1994, aged 86 to 101, these women recall their wartime work experiences and the ways in which their commitment and determination helped lead the way to postwar social changes for women.

This film is followed by Front Lines. A tribute to the combatants in the First World War, this film traces the conflict through the war diary and private letters of five Canadian soldiers and a nurse. Hearing them, the listener detects between the lines an unspoken horror censored by war and propriety.

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