JavaScript Disabled | 7:00 PM ADT
Cineplex Park Lane Halifax Theatre 3
5657 Spring Garden Rd., Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3R4
Paid ticketing event. 

World Premiere of A Quiet Girl  at the Atlantic International Film Festival !

A Quiet Girl | Adrian Wills | 2023 | 86 min

In A Quiet Girl, adopted Montreal filmmaker Adrian Wills commits, on camera and in real time, to unravelling the mystery of his complex beginnings in Newfoundland. Spurred on by a meager clue in his adoption documents, Wills spends two years travelling from the spare beauty of Canada’s most eastern coastline to the red heat of Arizona in search of answers. What Wills finally uncovers pierces into the meaning of family, revealing disquieting parallels between his own life and that of the birth mother he never knew.

This moving feature documentary combines 16mm footage and contemporary images with deeply personal conversations, transforming an urgent search for identity into a quest to give a quiet girl her voice. Ultimately, Wills honours his birth mother’s resilience and, in doing so, reveals his own.

Online screenings offered September 20 – 24 (geo-blocked to Atlantic Canada)



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