Special Edition – 2021-2022

Special Edition: more than 100 titles!

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The NFB Film Club is 10 years old, and to celebrate this long and fruitful partnership with libraries across Canada, the NFB is offering more than 100 titles for the 2021–2022 season, including shorts and feature-length films, documentaries, animation and, for the first time, interactive projects. Whether viewers attend in person or watch online, you can use these works to provide incredible free-of-charge programming. We’ve grouped this rich cultural offer into seven different themes to inspire you—documentaries, award-winning animation, Indigenous stories, pride, love, a youth selection and interactive projects. So many favourites to choose from!


This section includes 23 short and feature-length documentaries from NFB studios across the country, on a compellingly diverse array of topics, including the award-winning films Borealis by Kevin McMahon and John Ware Reclaimed by Cheryl Foggo. Ryan Sidhoo’s True North series (six episodes) and short films from the NFB’s collection about the pandemic, The Curve: Social Distancing Stories That Bring Us Closer Together, round out the documentaries available to explore.

Award-winning Animation

In the realm of animated films, 34 shorts, including many winners of prestigious Canadian and international awards, cover a wide range of topics and techniques. Examples include Theodore Ushev’s The Physics of Sorrow, winner of a coveted Cristal at Annecy; Alison Snowden and David Fine’s Oscar-nominated Animal Behaviour; and Martine Chartrand’s painting-on-glass animation gem, Black Soul, which received over 20 awards, including the Golden Bear at Berlin. This selection also includes films from the NFB’s Hothouse program for emerging animation filmmakers.

Indigenous Stories

This topic approaches Indigenous realities from many different angles, with 17 short and feature-length documentaries and animated films by filmmakers from a variety of Indigenous nations. From Jordan River Anderson, the Messenger by the eminent filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin to Marie Clements’ musical documentary The Road Forward, not to mention the animated films Shaman by Echo Henoche and The Fake Calendar by Meky Ottawa, this selection yields some rarely heard stories. It also includes the series of five short documentaries Urban. Indigenous. Proud.


This section features 14 recent titles—short and feature-length documentaries and animated films—plus a series of short docs and an interactive work to illustrate various experiences and issues encountered by LGBTQ2+ communities, from gender identity to social prejudices. This selection will both inform you and move you, with films such as Beauty by Christina Willings, Un/tied Shoes by Evie Ruddy and I Like Girls by Diane Obomsawin.


The program for this endlessly fascinating theme includes 11 short and feature-length documentaries and animated films, and one interactive work, depicting love in all its forms. From the love of art (Luben and Elena by Ellie Yonova) to filial love (The Song and the Sorrow by Millefiore Clarkes) to friendship (Free Love by Aude Picault), let yourself be swept away by these delightful stories.

Youth Selection

With 10 documentary and animated short films, two series and two interactive works, this selection of titles for younger audiences has something for everyone. It features the popular series The Great List of Everything by Iris Boudreau, Francis Papillon and Cathon; and Science Please! by Sylvain Charbonneau, Claude Cloutier and Martin Barry; not to mention beloved short films such as Eva Cvijanović’s Hedgehog’s Home and Christopher Auchter’s The Mountain of SGaana. What better way to remain a child at heart!

Interactive Projects – NEW

For the first time, the NFB Film Club is offering public libraries 11 interactive works—interactive websites that are also accessible on smart phones. Don’t hesitate to suggest them or to add them in your list of activities. They’re a great way to discover new forms of storytelling: Otherly (Grace An, Tristan Angieri, Joanne Lam, Jess Murwin, Mirusha Yogarajah, Em Yue, Jackie! Zhou); Far Away From Far Away (Bruce Alcock and Jeremy Mendes); Bubble (Jeunes pousses ONF x UQAM 2019); Motto (Vincent Morisset, Sean Michaels, Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit, Caroline Robert); Parliament: The Virtual Experience (Émilie F. Grenier, David Drury, Dpt., Stéphane Poirier); Un/tied Shoes (Evie Ruddy); Clit me (Jeunes pousses ONF x UQAM 2018); Roxham (Michel Huneault); Way to Go (Vincent Morisset, Philippe Lambert, Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit, Caroline Robert); Welcome to Pine Point (Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons); and I Love Potatoes (Vali Fugulin).

For more information about the NFB Film Club or to organize an in-person or online screening, please contact:

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NFB Film Club Program 2021-2022